Energy Matters!

Carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change. Participants experience the power and possibilities of fossil fuel-free wind and solar energy in the city.

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  • Built Infrastructure
  • Energy Use


How to Get this Kit

If you would like to borrow a CUSP climate change education kit, contact Pat McShea at Please make requests at least one week in advance. Loans may be scheduled up to two months in advance.

Big Questions

  • What are different sources of energy?
  • How can we use/access this energy?
  • How do we harness wind & solar power?

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Pennsylvania accounts for 1% of global CO2 emissions, behind only Texas and California in the US. Forty percent of PA’s CO2 emissions are from electricity generation. PA has abundant (but largely untapped) solar and wind energy resources. Learn more

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Pennsylvania’s current wind farms generate enough energy to power 180,000 homes. However, PA has the wind resources to power almost 800,000 more homes if we build more wind farms. Learn more


–The cost of photovoltaic panels has dropped 63% since 2010. []