CUSP Climate Change Playground

Multiple CUSP Kits and organizations under one festival tent allow visitors to make connections between different city systems and multiple solutions.

  • Climate Playground at Three Rivers Arts Festival
  • 9 Mile Run and Watershed at ALCOSAN open house
  • Tiny Slimy Carbon Keepers in action
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  • Built Infrastructure
  • Ecology
  • Energy Use
  • Extreme Weather
  • Food
  • Land Use
  • Temperature Increase
  • Transportation
  • Water


How to Get this Kit

If you would like to borrow a CUSP climate change education kit, contact Pat McShea at Please make requests at least one week in advance. Loans may be scheduled up to two months in advance.

Big Questions

• How are city systems connected?
• What are imaginative solutions and adaptations to climate change that cross sectors?
• How do we engage multiple interests, ages, and organizations under one tent?

User Reviews

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