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    Green Infrastructure Communication Workshop Part 3

    Green Infrastructure Communication Workshop Part 3 Engaging the Public in a Project’s Goals and Benefits by Using Hands-on Activities and Signage. Building on Workshop 1: Monitoring, and Workshop 2: What do People Think, this workshop focused on designing public facing communications that inspire passersby and other neighborhood stakeholders to understand and interact with green infrastructure in meaningful […]

    Green Infrastructure Communication Workshop Part 2: What do people think?

    Engaging community members in understanding projects, decision making, and problem solving using group deliberation. Wednesday January 18, 2017     4 – 7:00 pm Carnegie Museum of Natural History: Center for Museum Education.  Ford Mateer Classroom Room. Green Infrastructure takes support, stewardship and buy-in to be effective long term. This active workshop demonstrated strategies for […]

    Green Infrastructure Communication Workshop 1: Monitoring

    Oct 27, 2016  at   University Square 1 Apartments Rain Garden We had great turnout at University Square 1 Apartments for the GI Communication Workshop 1 around monitoring ideas beyond commercial data-loggers.  Green Infrastructure is designed largely to capture storm water, but there is also value in collecting information about its impact on the Urban Heat Island effect, how it […]

    RRR Project Community Meeting

    Tuesday night CUSP attended the Phase II meeting of the 9 Mile Run Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project where community members came together to begin adding their knowledge to the plans for stormwater maintenance projects in the Rosedale area.  We used the CUSP Map Wet Weather story to describe the problems with combined and separate sewer […]

    Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project Community Input Collection

    Climate projections for Pittsburgh include an increase in frequency of extreme weather events. To reduce the stress this will bring to our already overwhelmed sewer system, one of the citywide solutions to manage stormwater in extreme events is the installation of green infrastructure. Nine Mile Run Watershed Association is studying the Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project area (RRRP) […]