The Pittsburgh CUSP network is a group of Pittsburgh-based informal science institutions, local green and sustainable practice organizations, and groups with affinity for community life, outdoor recreation, or economic viability.

We are coming together to develop an array of activities (see KITS) to spur thoughtful discussions about predicted effects of climate change in the city, strategies for adapting to such change, and the organizations and city systems working together to address these issues.

Around town, you might see our tabletop activities at local festivals or community meetings, interact with our online map during a program run by one of our partners, or encounter an installation, infographic, or event that was funded by one of our mini-grants.

What We’re Doing

Climate change is scary. CUSP is friendly! Pittsburgh is home to organizations and institutions whose vision of a sustainable future is the result of research focused on both a local and global level. The Pittsburgh CUSP network collaborates to create a library of tabletop activities for festivals, community meetings, and other events. We explore topics including urban heat and excess stormwater, energy and transportation choices, and future-thinking innovation. Look at our list of climate change activities and visit our interactive map at to see how Pittsburgh is addressing the impacts of climate change or upload your own observations.